CRA – Clinical Research Associate
To put it very simply, a clinical research associate checks  the  documentation aspects of a clinical trial. A Life Sciences degree is necessary to be a CRA, regardless of whether you hope to do work freelance or with a specific company, available at dozens of colleges and institutions of higher learning around the world. 
What is a clinical study? 
A clinical study is a scientific research program that is attempting to prove or disprove a medical theory in most cases, such as testing prescription medications to determine how well they work or do not work on specific patients as compared to other medicines, placebos, or non-treatment.  Most prescription drug companies are working on a variety of clinical studies at any given time, and they may last anywhere from a few weeks to a decade or more, depending on the medication and probability for long-term effects.
What do CRAs do?
ACRA follows very strict procedures and policies to ensure the veracity of the research. For example, a CRA is checking that the information patients’medical history, concomitant medication or  documenting of blood pressure, heart rate, side effects, improvement of the condition, and other valuable information are documented properly in the Case Report Forms. .