Clinical Research

How do we know which medicines and supplements are safe, and how often we should take them, and what conditions they best treat? The answer is clinical research, which uses a series of studies and tests to answer each of these questions and dozens of others before a medicine or supplement is ever released to the public. Information is compiled from a variety of sources, from clinical trials to doctors’ opinions, scientific hypotheses, and other modes of input as well. 
Clinical Trials and Scientific Research
These types of research lend the most weight to a clinical research company, as they are very definitive and offer concrete proof of a medications’ usability. If you are considering developing a new medication, a clinical research organization will have a major part in the research and development stages.
Clinical research is the basis for new drugs development , to be tested before they are approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) or EMA (European Medical Association), especially those that are intended for human consumption. All side effects, opinions, long-term and short-term effects, length of treatment, alternatives, and statistics are gathered and interpreted before a decision is reached. Once it has been made, the medicine is either approved for use or denied, at which point it is back to the drawing board to fix what did not work, such as the root cause of negative side effects.
Doctors’ Opinions
Expert opinions are important, and provide a firm foundation for the establishment of something new, but they are far less critical than real testing. After all, opinions can only go so far before it takes the testing of the product to discover. Doctors may vary widely in talking about what works and what will not, especially when it comes to medicine, so backing up the conversation with scientific research and clinical trial results is absolutely necessary. Many doctors will not even discuss a new discovery until it has been tested in great detail, particularly for specific medical conditions.