Clinical Research Institute

A clinical research institute (CRI) often works in conjunction with a particular research organization such as a pharmaceutical company, contract research organization -CROs,  or medical device development company. For instance, some leading companies work specifically with asthma or cancer treatment, while others focus on pediatric care or devices that cater to the elderly. From pre-clinical trial research and development, a great clinical research institute can be a big advantage that ensures the success of the medication, device, or biological study.
Since clinical studies are mostly conducted on people like you and me, clinical studies require specific guidelines and practices that must be adhered to in each part of the world. Most of these deal with patient privacy and consent, from how a piece of information can/cannot be shared to how the same is stored within the facility to ensure strict confidentiality. There may be hundreds of records at any given time, so this is a very important and crucial function of the CRI and each staff member.
Microbiological Trials
The FDA ,EMA and other government agencies require testing on many different levels, in addition to those studies carried out by scientific researchers around the world. For instance, if we want to learn how to deal with bioterrorism, we first have to know against what substances we are fighting and how they affect the human body. Studies may include virology, bioterrorism and microbiology in general, to name a few. There is much to learn from nature, but life at the end of a microscope can affect millions in minutes, so this critical research is essential to our survival.
Medical Device Information
New medical devices may make enhance the quality of life for patients everywhere, from new cancer treatment options to easier ways to help or heal children. In order to get these approved with agencies like the FDA or EMA, they first have to pass a long list of checks and standards, and this is the goal of the CRI. Each country has different guidelines, so be sure your CRI is prepared with the right criteria for the study before getting started with a particular project.